Flake-out Friday–Tension makes all the difference…

What are the elements of tension? A confrontation. Impossible circumstances. Angst and emotion. Suspense.

This clip captures tension…er, sort of.

Maybe this one’s better?

Hmm, maybe a little too technical?

How about this one?

The narration is great. I think we have a WINNER!!!

11 comments on “Flake-out Friday–Tension makes all the difference…

  1. Kathee J says:

    Loved the third video – cats!!

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    OMG, these are great. I was laughing like a nut. LOL! Happy Friday!

  3. Funny!

    Actually, I’m here about the critique, if you want one, send me an email:

    clarissadraper at gmail dot com

  4. We have cats. And these are sooooo funny. Thanks Laura. I needed this. #Three is def the winner. 🙂

  5. Great videos! They made me laugh. Thanks!

  6. That was so adorable (first video). I loved the use of the Jaws theme, such a classic piece of music and great for building tension where little tension exists. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    My cat Shady had to fend for himself for many months, having been born in someone’s home and then abandoned. When I took him in, he was scarred and hungry. I was told by other apartment dwellers that Shady had a reputation for being one bad cat. He is a pussy cat now. He likes the easy life.

  8. Oh, I love that kung fu cat!! That is too hilarious.

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