SHIFTING PRIDE Blog Tour Day 17 AND Publishing Hearts Connecticut Auction

Today Jen at Crafty Mom of 3 is reviewing SHIFTING PRIDE. I hope you check it out!

EDIT:Here’s the updated link with a rafflecopter giveaway for New Pride, the prequel novelette! 😉 😉

Here’s yesterday’s review in case you missed it. The reviewer thinks Shifting Pride is BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!! SQUEE!



This is the LAST DAY of the Publishing Hearts Connecticut Auction! Lots of great donated items are still available and the proceeds are going to a worthy cause!

Award winning YA author Shelli Johannes and CEO of BiblioCrunch Miral Sattar has spear-headed a campaign to gain donations (to be given to the United Way of Western CT) as a show of support for the victims in Sandy Hook. Over 50 folks in the publishing industry have donated various items (books, crits, etc) for auction.

It’s an online auction to benefit the victims of the Sandy Hook Connecticut shootings through Newtown Youth and Family Services. The auction is currently scheduled to start Monday, Dec 17th (9am EST) and the first round will end Friday Dec 21st (11:00 PM EST)

CLICK HERE to go to the website: Publishing Hearts Connecticut

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2 comments on “SHIFTING PRIDE Blog Tour Day 17 AND Publishing Hearts Connecticut Auction

  1. On my way to check out your awesome review.

  2. Elise Fallson says:

    Congratulations on the awesome review! That must feel amazing. (:

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