Witch Way To Turn by Karen Y. Bynum AND Coffee Chat

Author Ally Shields is hosting me at Coffee Chat today. We’re sharing a lovely pot of French Vanilla–YUM!!–and I’m sharing info about Shifting Pride,my writing goals, and highlights of 2012. 😉

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For me, Twitter is where it’s at to find fun, Indie, authors, with adventurous books. And that’s how I stumbled upon Karen Y. Bynum. The cover of her novel, Witch Way To Turn, is stunning. The expression on the girl’s face is, wow, it just draws me in.

Now, I love action. Like, LOVE it. Nothing gets my heart pumping and my gaze skittering across the pages like a good action story. And Karen delivers.

Add to that two totally HOT guys with dark, wild sides that would make any girl swoon, and we’ve got a winning combination. Honestly, I couldn’t decide who I wanted to root for more…actually, it would be totally cool for both guys to “win,” LOL! 😉

The main character is a witch who’s growing into her powers and finding out about her heritage. There’s bad peeps who are after her and her main concern is keeping her younger sister safe. The tension and danger in that conflict really made this story special.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal, romance, action, supernatural beings, kick-ass heroines, and hot guys.

I’d give this story 5 out of 5 stars. Great job, Karen! Now, where’s the sequel?!?!?! ;p

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