Flake-out Friday–It’s a WEBSITE!

Hey gang!

OMGosh, I’m super stoked to share my website with you. If you’ve been following my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, you may have noticed me dancing around the subject of: To Website Or Not To Website.

With the help of my publicists (cuz I’m a technotard and they are graphics, net, computer, everything savvy), we’ve compiled ideas and images and developed the following site.

Please take a look and lemme know what you think!

Annnd, I may need help getting my blog to match–if you’ve got any ideas, hit me with them! THERE WILL BE A PRIZE (like a book of your choice) FOR THE PERSON WHO COMES UP WITH AN IDEA THAT STRIKES MY FANCY!

Click here for my author website.


It’s My Berfday!

Hey gang!

Today’s my birthday, so I’m spending the day in the movie theater–wanna see Looper and Argo!

Just popping in to invite you to come back TOMORROW where I share in TWO AUTHORS’ blog tours.

PT Dilloway is guesting tomorrow and has a great post on SUPERHERO SOCIAL DISORDERS–VERY fitting for my blog, don’t you think, and the post is incredibly entertaining and informative. You won’t want to miss it.


Lynn Rush is celebrating the release of VIOLET MIDNIGHT, her newest New Adult masterpiece with VAMPS–WOOT!

Like I said, more lovely deets and links and pics and prizes will be posted TOMORROW. Looking forward to seeing you guys then.

After that, I’ll see y’all FRIDAY for a reveal of my own! (It has something to do with the image below.) 😉