Flake-out Friday–Show and Tell

There’s a ton of books out there, people. (I know, I know, understatement of the century, right?) It can be hard to know which books to read and in what order. I rely, in part, on recommendations from my writerly buddies.

Lately, I’ve been reading a combination of traditionally pubbed novels and indie pubbed novels. Most recently, I’ve read TRANSCEND, by Christine Fonseca, THE NAME OF THE STAR, by Maureen Johnson, TO RIDE A PUCA, by Heather McCorkle, and TIMEPIECE, by Myra McEntire.

ALL FABULOUS BOOKS! I’d recommend each and every one of them.

How about you, friends? What books have you read recently that you’d recommend? Please list them in the comments!

Happy reading!

Mental Health Monday–Featuring Transcend by Christine Fonseca

Accurately capturing and portraying psychosis is extremely difficult. In cinema, you can use special effects, sound effects, even CGI graphics to crate hallucinations and altered perceptions.

But how does one do it via writing?

I think a fantastic example of a character’s descent into madness is TRANSCEND by Christine Fonseca. Described as Phantom of the Opera meets Black Swan, this dark, YA, (and I’d add historical) novel takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion, intrigue, betrayal, paranoia, delusion, love, horror, tragedy, and rage.

It’s an intense, quick read, just by its nature–Christine doesn’t let you take a breath! 😉

A unique twist is the alternating point of view–FOR ONE CHARACTER! It’s a bit jarring, but I suspect that’s the author’s intention to keep the reader guessing.

What’s most captivating about it to me is that even after I finished reading it, I still had more questions.

Check out Christine Fonseca’s blog HERE.

What books have you read that capture mental illness particularly well?

If you have a character that needs “shrink-wrapping,” don’t hesitate to ask me a question, here in the comments, on Twitter (see sidebar), Facebook (see sidebar), or email me @ laurabdiamond@yahoo.com.

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