Writer Wednesday–Crutch Words

I’m in the midst of the second round of edits for my debut novel, SHIFTING PRIDE. I’m loving how the story and writing is shaping up with each pass. This round, not only am I focusing on smoothing more details, I’m also working on nixing “crutch words” (words I use repeatedly in my writing).

(Thanks, Stephanie McGee, for giving me a term to use!) 😉

In this MS, big crutch words for me include PULLED and PRESSED. Who knew?

Anyway, how does one tackle the crutch word?

I’ve been using the “find” function to identify where in the MS each occurrence of PRESSED is located. Then I work on reworking the sentence to eliminate it or substitute it with another word.

Gotta say, my thesaurus is coming in handy too, LOL!

How about youse guys? How to you search and destroy crutch words? Do you try to nix them while you’re drafting or do you catch them during edits?