The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–plus blogger-style links!

This week, Danyelle shares her take on writerly goals. See Lydia’s blog post from last week in case you missed it and don’t forget to come back and read Zoe’s post next week!


‘Kay, folks, this is SUPER COOL! Elana Johnson, Casey McCormick, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Shannon Messenger and Jamie Harrington are getting together for a WriteOnCon! That’s right, an online writer’s conference–OMGosh, it’s too exciting!!!!! So, click on their names to check out their blogs, how to sign up, and for what to expect.

Um, have ya signed up yet?!


Up and Coming Blogger: Hop on over to Lisa’s blog and check it out! She’s just started up and is fast on her way to developing her writerly blog!

I especially liked her post about Subliminal Characters! For instance, what can you learn about yourself from your characters and their conflicts?

Makes ya think, don’t it?

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

Last week, I started this month’s journey of the traveling blog by discussing Danyelle’s great topic of writerly goals. This week, Lydia takes the helm and steers us to her blog for another perspective. Check it out!

So, I’m wondering, what do you do when your goal shifts or feels like it’s getting farther away instead of closer?????

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–GOALS

Danyelle has come up with a wonderful topic this month for the traveling blog chain! Be sure to follow along next week with Lydia’s take on the topic.

What goals have you set, what do they mean to you, and why are they important?

Okay, so from a total shrink’s point of view, whenever therapy/treatment is initiated, the first 1-3 sessions are devoted to outlining goals. Obviously, people show up at my office to “feel better.” Well, the definition of that varies from person to person…and it can vary A LOT. That’s why it’s important to really be concrete about it. Otherwise, how would you know if you’ve met a goal?

When I first started writing, my goal was to get published. (Original, I know.) Even then, I figured it was a long shot. I mean, really, I had no formal “writing” training, I had devoted 12 years of my life to medicine/psychiatry, and I picked up this writing thing on a whim. Who was I to even think I could “make it?”

In my sometimes random ignorance of logic, I decided to shove the “goal” from my mind. I told myself, “So what if you don’t get published? You still like to write, right? So, it doesn’t matter.”

Let me confess to y’all right now, that is a total and complete lie. I totally would NOT be investing so many hours, weeks, months, and years if I didn’t think it would end somewhere.

So the goal of being published remains. Far, far, far, far, far, far away in the distance. So far, I can’t even see it from where I’m standing.

Great. Now what?

The nice thing about goals is that they can be broken up to many, smaller, more manageable goals that lead closer to “the one.”

(I’m getting to my point, I promise.)

My goal now is to revise the hell out of my current WIP to the point of getting it “agent worthy.” It has taken me months so far. And it’ll probably take me months more. But this goal feels manageable to me at the moment. So I’m sticking with it. And making improvements to my writing gets me closer to publishing, right?

Ah, internal consistency.

So, what do goals mean to me? Well, they are an marker or a standard for which I can check myself. Getting from goal to goal lets me see my progress. It tells me I’m making an effort. It shows me I’m ALIVE. (Cuz, ya know, in my opinion, if you’re not striving, then you’re not living up to the definition of human.) Ha, well then, goals are pretty important, no?

Tell me, folks, what are your goals for writing? What do they mean to you? What makes them important?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

As another month comes to a close, Zoe offers us her “A-ha!” moment in writing. Check it out here. And if you missed Danyelle’s post last week, click here.

Stay tuned for next month’s round of the Traveling Blog!! 


M’kay, now, for those who’ve been wondering, I’ve decided to save the money toward a down payment for a house and, as y’all can see, I haven’t changed the blog look.


Thanks for your input, everybody!!!


For those of you interested in blogfests, check out these links:

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And (drumroll please), as a follow up to last Saturday’s post on loglines, QueryTracker is hosting an agent contest next Tuesday where you submit your logline and first chapter for an agent critique–the first 100 submitters are ALL winners! OMG, it’s SO awesome! 😀

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–Eureka!

This month, Lydia is in the driver’s seat of our blogs’ travels. (Be sure to check out her blog next week for her response!)

Here’s her question:

What’s your most recent “a-ha” moment in writing?

My answer:

Needless to say, there have been MANY “a-ha!” moments over the past two years as I’ve traveled novel writing’s incredibly steep learning curve. And they’ve all been emotion-laden, angst-ridden tumultuous discoveries.

BUT, the realization that I REALLY–yes, REALLY–needed to take my time learning and practicing and honing my craft allowed me to just. Let. Go.

That’s right.

Just. Let. Go.

Sure, there’s pressure to get my story out there. Grab up that awesome agent before someone else gets to ’em. Circumvent the years long waiting that most other writers experience. I mean, can’t I be as lucky as Stephenie Meyer and go from unknown to published in six months?

Um, that would be a resounding, NO!

But ya know what?

I found out I CAN’T rush it. Words needed time to cure. Mature. Settle. When I rushed and glossed over the, ahem, not so good parts, I ended up accepting them as “good enough.”

Then I realized several months later: No. They’re. Not.

Rushing got me nowhere.


It was time to take a breath and ssslloooww dddoowwwnn.

I needed time for my ideas to develop, for my betas to mull over what I’ve sent them, for the scales of newbie-ism to fall from my eyes so I can see the subtleties of strong writing.

Bottom line: Taking time is important. Resisting the urge to rush through is key. Listening to my mind, heart, and betas is crucial. Pondering my options while ignoring the clock is freeing.

Try it, friends. You’ll see.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

It’s Sisterhood time again! Yay!

This week’s post is hosted by Zoe–check out her blog here. Zoe is a freelance copywriter and horror writer. PLUS, she’s got a great accent in the written word. Kitteh. ‘nough said. 😉

And to keep up with my Green peeps, I’m announcing my blog has gone carbon neutral. Ahhhh, breathe the fresh air.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

This week’s post is brought to you by none other than Danyelle Leafty, baker of writing *cookies* and author of a superb fairy tale survival guide. *nods head emphatically*

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