Review of The Boys Upstairs by Jane Lebak

I “met” Jane over a year ago through the forum at She always gave direct and succinct feedback, with a healthy dose of much needed humor on the side. Along the way, she offered me sound advice on my technique and I have to say it has stuck with me these many months.

So, when I had the oppotunity to read her novella, The Boys Upstairs, I could barely keep my curiosity and excitement at bay. And, true to her word, Jane delivered. Not only is this novella a poignant and pertinent example of today’s “issues” (not only on a societal level, but a religious and even personal one), it’s a LOVELY story! Jane’s writing style is clear and descriptive at the same time, so much so that I felt drawn into each scene. I couldn’t help but feel for the characters. Bravo, Jane!

I’d recommend this novella to anyone searching for a redeeming holiday story encased in the grit of a contemporary world. 

Here’s a link to the publisher’s site: Museit Up Publishing (The link offers a product description and an excerpt of Jane’s novella!)

Here’s a link to Jane’s website:

Here’s a link to Jane’ blog: Philangelus (Seven angels, four kids, one family)

Jane is also the author of Seven Archangels: Annihilation and has written several short stories (details are available on her website)!

Be sure to check out the QueryTracker blog as well where Jane contributes posts frequently!


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