“W” is for Worry Woes

Okay, so I’ve finally getting my YA dystopian to where I want it. Which means the next step is polishing the query letter (AKA document of doom) and synopsis (AKA I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna). (I don’t have a complex about these things or anything. *shifty eyes*)

So, what is it about the query letter and synopsis that has me shaking in my flip flops?

Well, I won’t go off on a rant here, but I’ll give a quick rundown:

  • The last time I queried, it was a disaster. DISASTER.
  • Rejections are depressing. (Yes, I get over it and move on, but still, it hurts.)
  • I got frustrated that I didn’t get anywhere. (Okay, so my writing sucked, but still, as a newbie I didn’t know that.)
  • I *hate* being frustrated. (I really don’t know anybody who likes it, LOL!)
  • No matter how many times I revised the query and synop, they were never “punchy” enough…which led to feelings of utter disappointment (in myself) and a sense of failure. Icky.

Okay. Lots of negatives here. GREAT fodder for worry, right?


So, how am I going to break out of it and dive into the crazy query race again?

  • Remind myself that my writing is, like, a THOUSAND times better than before.
  • Remember the support and compliments of writing buds and CP’s who believe in me.
  • Practice patience. More R’s will come, but I don’t have to get fatalistic about it.
  • Hang onto hope. Even if it ends up shredding my fingernails to bits, I’m not gonna let go.

Now it’s your turn to share. When you get the worry woes (for whatever reason), how do you get over them? Share your strategies.

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EDIT: Deb’s taking a break from the Sisterhood this month. 😉