Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–What Makes Storytelling Important?

The lovely Danyelle Leafty starts of this month of the traveling blog with the following question:

Stories have existed in every time and every culture. How come? Why are stories so important?

Human beings are such inquisitive and imaginative beings that I think it’s impossible NOT to tell stories.

To take a “scientific” point of view, early storytelling was a way to teach others, a way to create a sense of comradery, and probably a way to pass time. Storytelling has an element of entertainment, right?

Evidence of storytelling abounds. Drawings on cave walls, hieroglyphs on papyrus scrolls and stone walls, and, of course, books (hand written and later printed on a press). In a way, a story extends the life of the teller, even beyond the grave, depending on how many generations hold onto a particular tale. It’s a sort of immortality, if you will.

Storytelling means much more than this, though. It also shows our need and desire to share with others that which we create. It symbolizes a curiosity that speaks to our souls. It evokes emotions, creates pleasure and longing. It allows us to escape to a different reality. It provides catharsis.

My goodness, stories provide so many things, ti’s hard to encapsulate in one post! Tell me, friends, what makes a story important to you?

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