Writer Wednesday–Battling Social Networking Overload

I’ve been on the social media highway for about three years now. It all started with QueryTracker, then branched out to RallyStorm, then to Facebook and Twitter, and finally, my blog. I’ve spent countless hours on each site, chatting with other writers, learning techniques, learning how-to’s and don’ts, all the while watching the network grow and branch out in directions I’d never thought possible.

And now there’s even MORE avenues to get connected!

Klout, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and now Pinterest…

How can I possibly keep up!!!!!!

*flails* *runs into wall* *passes out on floor*

So, folks, how do you keep a steady pace on the social networking highway without running out of gas? How do you find time to do real life things, like, gee I don’t know, WRITE??? 😉

This week for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Deb answers the question of what inspires her.

BLOG CHAIN–Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

Cole brings up the wonderful topic of Internet Relations.

So I’ve decided something, Internets. We need to break up. Now don’t get me wrong, we can still be friends and hang out. But our torrid love affair? Over. You’re not good for me and I don’t like who I am when I spend too much time with you.

How about you? What hobbies, tips, or techniques do you have for keeping your writerly battery charged?

Wow, breaking up is hard to do!

Gotta say, I’ve been tempted to leave. How can one resist the temptation of a book giveaway, a blogfest, or a here’s-all-you-need-to-know-to-get-published post?

I’ve decidedly developed a love-hate relationship with the Internet.

The downsides are simple, but massive. Sometimes, I just want a break from the torrential stream of information from social networking. Other times (even though I’m stoked for the person), I get disappointed in my own lack of success when I see a writer get agented or sign a book deal.

So, why do I stay connected? The people. Scratch that. The wonderful, incredible, knowledgeable, goal-driven, hard-working, always supportive writers who I’ve met online. Without you guys and gals–YES, YOU!–I would never have gotten past my first newbie-mess-of-a-manuscript. I wouldn’t have learned the ins and outs of writing techniques, how to write a query letter or synopsis, or how to network.

I guess love wins out.

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BLOG CHAIN–Social Networking

Hey gang!

I’m a day late and a dollar short for this round of the blog chain (the house closing occupied my mind yesterday, LOL!) Anyway, I don’t wanna miss in the fun, so I’m posting about the topic today.

Amanda asks:

Are you a good social networker? What aspect of platform building do you focus on the most? Which aspects freak you out?

I do engage in social networking via Facebook, Twitter, some forums, and, of course, my blog. In the beginning, I was quite obsessed with the whole thing, checking and rechecking every few minutes to see if someone had added something to their status or Tweeted a link to an interesting post or contest.

With time comes familiarity and when the “sexiness” of interwebz wore off, I returned to real life things. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a good amount of time on FB, Twitter, reading blogs, and working on blog posts, but in a smarter way. Maybe an hour a day, two tops, depending on how much “down time” I get.

I gotta say, though, jumping into the intangible waters of the electronic ocean has been *so* worth it. I’ve “met” my crit partners, beta readers, and uber-supportive writerly buds through social media and without them, I would’ve learned next to nothing about writing.

Now, am I *good* at social networking? Hmmm, I think I get done what I need to, so in that regard, yeah, I’m pretty good. I’m quite pleased with how my blog is progressing…it’s been a slow road developing a “followship,” but I think it’s coming along.

As far as a platform? Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve got that…perhaps with more time the blog will continue to grow. If When I get an agent, I’ll launch a website. If When I sell a book, well, maybe I’ll call up Oprah (Ahahahahahahaha!!!)

(Just kidding about the Oprah thing, by the way.)

What freaks me out is: What if this writing thing *really* takes off and I get an agent, and a book deal, and I–gasp!–have to do a book signing or reading, like, in front of people! (Ah, the bane of introverts–public speaking. Sigh.) The good news is that I can do public speaking pretty well…I just don’t like to do it, LOL!

Alrighty, folks, how are you with social networking? How have you developed your platform?

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