Mental Health Monday–Cyber Dysfunctional Personality Disorder

My coworkers and I were discussing how much time we spend on social media sites. Since becoming a writer, I’ve delved into social media with enthusiasm (prior to writing, I barely touched my computer and rarely surfed the web) and haven’t once looked back.

Years later, I can’t imagine stepping away from the screen for any length of time.

And I know I’m not alone.

Urban Dictionary defines Cyber Dysfunctional Personality Disorder thusly:

Cyber Dysfunctional Personality Disorder (CDPD) is a non-hereditary, largely contagious, psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. Those who suffer from this condition will go on to create tens, if not hundreds of accounts on social networking and video sharing websites such as facebook, myspace and youtube. They will then converse with themselves across their many accounts in a lame bid to create the impression that they are popular and sociable. Often they will use their various accounts to team up on other internet users who have shown themselves to be smarter than them, in a desperate bid to restore some pride. Currently there is no cure for this ever increasing psychopathic trend, but most sufferers give the game away within a week, such is their lack of concentration and intellect.
Note: The smilie and the excessive use of question and exclamation marks give it away.

Pretty dang accurate, yes?

Are you a cyber addict? When did you realize it?

Writing Wednesday–Website, Anyone?

I’ve been debating (with myself…always fruitful…NOT) over whether or not to develop a website.

Several questions flooded me as I pondered the pros and cons.

What kind of site do I want?
How do I get a domain name?
Which host site do I use?
Is my blog enough?
How much do I want to spend?

Welp, I’ve been working with a publicist and part of what we are working on is developing a website. (Made my decision easy.) Woot!

THEY know how to set one up.
THEY know how to find low cost, high quality stuff.
THEY got my domain name.
THEY know how to do ALL THE THINGS!

Double woot!

I’m super stoked to see a mockup they’ve developed. Hopefully, we’ll be going live with the site in the coming weeks.

Tell me, dear friends, what do you think about websites? What are the pros and cons? Do you have one? Did you have help setting it up or did you DIY it?

Work In Progress Wednesday

First, let me ask: Who’s REALLY ready for Christmas? Cause it’s FAST approaching! Anybody out there who still needs to go shopping? If so, may God bless you.

Second, it’s Deb’s turn to give her social media confessions for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog! Check out her response, then come back here. (Or finish reading this post and check out Deb’s. Either way. It’s up to you. I won’t get mad. I pwwomiss.)

Okay, back to writing.

So, back in late October, I had the shocking realization (thanks to my writerly buds and crit partners) that I had to MAJORLY restructure my YA Dystopian—like to the point of needing a clean slate.

With a bunch of support to give me momentum (and confidence), I brainstormed a new plot, using the Three Act structure for my outline (my first “for realz” outline, by the way!). As a result, the same characters and the same world went from “nice story” to “epic.” My main character discovered what made him unique. My antagonist found his reason to help my main character. And because of this, my main character realized why he needed to help the antagonist—namely, to get what he wants while still being able to save the world. (Whether or not he survives or he actually gets what he wants is still to be determined. Just sayin’.)

Initially, I was able to rework some original scenes (in a radically different order, LOL!) and that helped me get to the halfway point within a couple weeks. Then I hit the slogs of “mid-point of the novel-land.” I hesitated, unsure of my up-til-that-point trusty outline. As a panster, the emotions and dialogue I plopped down to stick to the outline felt…contrived (gasp!). It totally slowed me down.

BUT, I marched on. Whether it was 500 words or a 1000, I tried to write every day, with the provision that if I just didn’t have it in me then I wouldn’t berate myself.

I typed THE END on Sunday! Woot!

A long road, but totally worth it.


Because now I have a REAL story. A structured plot. Stakes that matter. And characters whose stories are intertwined to the point where protagonist and antagonist have both positive and negative attributes that draw them together to an inevitable climax.

Man, I love it when that happens!

Dear friends, what’s it like for you when you face major revisions? How do you handle it?

Review of The Boys Upstairs by Jane Lebak

I “met” Jane over a year ago through the forum at She always gave direct and succinct feedback, with a healthy dose of much needed humor on the side. Along the way, she offered me sound advice on my technique and I have to say it has stuck with me these many months.

So, when I had the oppotunity to read her novella, The Boys Upstairs, I could barely keep my curiosity and excitement at bay. And, true to her word, Jane delivered. Not only is this novella a poignant and pertinent example of today’s “issues” (not only on a societal level, but a religious and even personal one), it’s a LOVELY story! Jane’s writing style is clear and descriptive at the same time, so much so that I felt drawn into each scene. I couldn’t help but feel for the characters. Bravo, Jane!

I’d recommend this novella to anyone searching for a redeeming holiday story encased in the grit of a contemporary world. 

Here’s a link to the publisher’s site: Museit Up Publishing (The link offers a product description and an excerpt of Jane’s novella!)

Here’s a link to Jane’s website:

Here’s a link to Jane’ blog: Philangelus (Seven angels, four kids, one family)

Jane is also the author of Seven Archangels: Annihilation and has written several short stories (details are available on her website)!

Be sure to check out the QueryTracker blog as well where Jane contributes posts frequently!


It’s Wednesday! That means Lydia has posted her response about social media confessions. Check it out!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Chain 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–Social Media Confessions

Eep, it’s December and I haven’t gotten my Christmas shopping done yet! *head desk*

Welcome to a new month and a new tour of the traveling blog. This month, Lydia asks the question:

Do you twitter, FB, etc besides blogging? why or why not?

Those of you who follow my blog know I just celebrated my one year blogaversary (I never know how to spell that word, geez!) last month. ONE. YEAR! (Can you tell I’m excited about that?)

Back in those days, I was pretty new to the whole social media, let’s-all-get-to-know-each-other-via-the-internet, thing. Thanks to QT (the most super awesomest writerly website, IMHO), I was able to meet some fantastic people, beta readers, crit buds, and all around supportive writers along all stages of the publishing journey.

I’m gonna confess here that I had little knowledge of Facebook and Twitter. PLUS, as a shrink, it’s somwhat important to keep anything about myself on the downlow (of course, tha’t pretty much blown to hell now, so, yeah…oops).

Even though I had little working knowledge of the interwebz, I jumped into the pool of cyberspace and gave it a go. First, I signed up for Facebook. I reconnected with some med school pals, I friended several QT buds, and I networked with a bunch of writerly types–cool! Then, I dove into Twitterland. It’s a strange thing, keeping thoughts to 140 characters, but also fun.

I do enjoy it. VERY MUCH. Problem is, it’s kinda hard to keep up with everyone! LOL!

Regardless of anyone’s stance, I have found the experience of social media interesting, informative, and totally worth it.

Why do I keep doing it? Well, I get to continue developing relatioships, a support network, AND I get to share in the excitement when a writerly pal has a success (such as getting an agent or publishing a book)!

Whaddya all think about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Remember to check out Lydia’s response next week! 🙂