Things I’m Addicted To

We all have addictions. Some are healthier than others. Some have horrible consequences. Some we say are benign but really aren’t.

Here are some of mine:

  • Food. This has been my most challenging addiction. It’s hard for folks to understand if they’ve never fought with the scale, but even after losing almost 90 pounds, I still struggle with it. I love sweet (ice cream!!!!) and salty (French fries) things–a double whammy in my book.
  • Books. My wish list is well in the dozens. I buy a stack of books whenever I visit a bookstore. I’m tempted to one click on Amazon daily. I had to build bookshelves in two rooms to carry my collection…this is in addition to my library upstairs.
  • Sleep. It’s my favorite hobby. Yes, even above reading. Gasp! If given a chance, I can sleep 10-11 hours a day. How horrible is that?!
  • Coffee. You might lump this in with food, but my addiction is so strong I have to count it separately. I like hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee ice cream, lattes, flavored, unflavored…it doesn’t matter, I like it all!

My addictions could be a lot worse, of course, and I’m thankful they’re not, but they do remind me that too much of anything, even if it’s good, can be bad.

How about you? What addictions do you have?

Mental Health Monday–Get Your Rest!

How many of you have wished you could take a nap at work? Show of hands, please. Come on, don’t be shy. We’ve all fallen prey to the afternoon slump, right?

Well, guess what? Companies just might be encouraging you to do just that in the near future (read that again–NEAR FUTURE. NOT now. NOW might get you fired because not all work places are jumping on the snoozefest bandwagon, ‘kay?).

Why would your boss tell you to take a nap? Sleepy employees are not productive employees. (Yikes, that sounded a little too, what’s the word, um, trite? Anyway…) Lack of sleep causes poor concentration, sluggish thinking, even heart disease. A short nap, on the other hand, improves memory, decision-making, concentration, and hell, it could even brighten your mood! (And that, folks, is the tie-in to Mental Health Mondays.)

Click here for the Yahoo article that triggered this post.

Click here for pics of a newfangled napping stations, called The EnergyPod (manufactured by MetroNaps, a company based in the UK and Australia). DISCLAIMER: I do NOT represent or endorse these companies. I just thought the info was interesting…and slightly disturbing.

The EnergyPod. Resistance. Is. Futile. *snarf*

Gosh, the things people come up with, eh? In all honesty, I think George from Seinfeld had the right idea. There’s really no need to get all fancy and stuff.

It’s hard to tell, but he’s under his desk.

Then again, some of his ideas weren’t always so great. Case in point. –>

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