Writer Wednesday–Plain Blog

I’m sure you’ve noticed how PLAIN my blog was a few days ago. Well, in the wake of Roni Loren’s post about copyright infringements, I think a lot of us bloggers have reassessed how we use pics from the interwebz.

So, I took down the header and background because, well, the images weren’t mine. (The current blue flower spray you see is a photo I took and will be temporary until I find the *perfect* image.)

I know there’s sites out there (like Creative Commons) where pics are considered public domain, so I’ll probably be trolling them for new images.

ANOTHER totally awesome thing…Roni’s post inspired a bunch of writers to pool their pics. Click HERE to see that post on Roni’s blog. Yet more proof that the writing community is beyond FAB.

I suppose it’s a good time to revamp things anyway. So, consider my blog to be awaiting a makeover. When I have a new image/brand to debut, you’ll definitely notice it. 😉

How about you guys? Have you responded in turn by taking down pics, adjusting your Pinterest accounts, cleaning out your Tumblrs?

Throwback Thursday (With a Twist)


I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but I wanted to host a Throwback Thursday. Care to guess how far back I’m throwing ya?


Yup, yesterday.

Why? (Other than the fact that one day in the blogosphere counts for like a hundred? LOL!)

Because I guest posted over at Roni Loren’s blog, Fiction Groupie, and wanted to share the news with all y’all in case you missed it!

Roni’s debut novel, EXPOSURE THERAPY will be published by Berkley Heat in early 2012.

For a teaser, the post is about using defense mechanisms to delve into our characters’ behaviors. Enjoy!