It’s Your Turn to Pitch!

Hey, gang, I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s, but I thought I’d throw a curve ball atchyas!

So, VB Tremper has been working over her logline (and it’s pretty darn good, IMHO!) and wants to share…so check it out & add yours to the comments–heck, we can give each other some feedback along the way!

Sine I’m rewriting TB, the YA dystopian (oh yeah, I tossed the whole thing and am giving it a real plot ;)), I’ve rewritten a pitch too. It’s rough–like super rough–but what the hey, it’s a start.

My pitch: In a world where vaccine-induced immortals languish in eternity, seventeen-year-old Justin Talent’s blood may be the one thing that will bring them to life. Justin must risk everything–his life, his family, his people–to help the immortal who harmed him.

M’kay, gang, whaddya think? (Don’t forget to head over to VB’s blog.)