Writer Wednesday–Official Author Photo Post

A lot of you have seen my author photo popping up on various social media forums. This is the post where I attribute its greatness to my colleague, soon to be graduated Psychiatry resident, and photographer extraordinaire, Aparna Iyer.

Aparna has traveled the world with her camera and you can see some of the work she’s done by clicking HERE and seeing her blog.

I’m indebted to Aparna for taking the time to come to my house, help me get gussied up with makeup and hair styling, and pose me for the money shot. 😉


Here are a few of the contenders:

It’s Time For Some Culture

I gotta say, I’m blessed with some awesome colleagues. Not only are we supportive of one another, but we also have diverse hobbies and interests. It certainly makes for some stimulating conversation over drinks and appetizers.

One of the soon to be graduated residents at my hospital has been an avid photographer for several years. I’ve seen Aparna’s work and man is she TAL-ENT-ED!!!!!

(She also told me about the create your own South Park Avatar link. SUPER FUN!)

The good new is that she’s sharing her photography with the world. That’s right, she launched her own blog a couple weeks ago and I’m SO excited for her!

Click here to see her work. Follow her blog. You won’t regret it. I promise!



Aparna Nair Photography (photo by Aparna Nair)

Once you’ve checked out Aparna’s blog, don’t forget to head to Lydia’s blog for her response to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog’s topic of character development.