The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–How Do You Handle Waiting?

A new month means it’s time to discuss a new topic! This month, I pose the question:

How do you handle waiting, whether it be for query letter responses, crit partner critiques, or letting your manuscript sit to cure before you tackle revisions?

Um, the quick answer is: I SUCK at waiting! Like most, I have the insatiable urge to check my e-mail like a thousand times an hour. I obsess constantly about what a critter thinks about my writing or how fast an agent thinks “reject!” when reading my query letter. I suppress frequent surges of anxiety, shortness of breath, jitteriness, and mind-numbing panic…

You know, I think this is pretty typical angst for a writer. (Yeah, that totally doesn’t make it any easier, LOL!)

So what makes all this worth it?

The hope that all the work, effort, and perseverance will pay off. The satisfaction of improving and honing my art. Knowing that practicing patience is an endeavor that will spill into all avenues of my life. Reminding myself that letting time pass allows me to see my work more objectively, which only makes me more able and open to learning.

How do YOU cope with waiting?

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