Writer Wednesday–Of Genres

For the most part, I write YA–whether it be paranormal, horror, dystopian–and MG. For short stories, I write adult horror and post-apocalyptic. (Different genres, for sure, but still in a simliar vein, don’t you think?)

Here’s the twist:

My pubber, Etopia Press, has several smexy-type authors who write adult romance, erotica, and BDSM. In getting to know these fab peeps, I’ve also had some exposure to their writing world. (I even wrote a smexy short! *blushes*)

IF, and I say IF, the short has any chance of seeing the light of day, my next task comes in the form of figuring out how it fits the rest of what I write.

I mean, clearly it dosen’t, so, I have to decide if I want to pursue this tangent…or not.

One idea is to use a pen name. Cool. But does that mean I start a whole new “platform” for my “new” self? Or should I still use the pen name and be absolutely open about it, so I can get “two birds with one stone?”

I bring this up not only for advice (cause I don’t want to burden all y’all with that responsibility), but because I bet it’s something a lot of writers face, especially since the boom of epubbing and *gasp* Fifty Shades of Gray. 😉

So, writers, if you you write radically different genres, how do you handle the publicity side of things???