It’s Your Turn to Pitch!

Hey, gang, I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s, but I thought I’d throw a curve ball atchyas!

So, VB Tremper has been working over her logline (and it’s pretty darn good, IMHO!) and wants to share…so check it out & add yours to the comments–heck, we can give each other some feedback along the way!

Sine I’m rewriting TB, the YA dystopian (oh yeah, I tossed the whole thing and am giving it a real plot ;)), I’ve rewritten a pitch too. It’s rough–like super rough–but what the hey, it’s a start.

My pitch: In a world where vaccine-induced immortals languish in eternity, seventeen-year-old Justin Talent’s blood may be the one thing that will bring them to life. Justin must risk everything–his life, his family, his people–to help the immortal who harmed him.

M’kay, gang, whaddya think? (Don’t forget to head over to VB’s blog.)

Logline Blogfest!

I know, I know, TWO posts on ONE day? But this one’s pretty neat. Check out Steena Holmes blog, Chocolate Reality, for the deets. Bottom line, post your logline, check out and comment on the other participants and you could win a query critique or a critique of the first 5-10 pages of your manuscript by none other than Michelle McClean!

Seriously, I couldn’t pass this up.

So, my logline:

A genetic mutation makes seventeen-year-old Justin Talent an outcast—it also makes his anemic blood a drug that can kill his sister’s murderer.

Operation Awesome also has a super cool Mystery Agent Contest. So get your one line pitches ready and go check it out! 😀

Logline Blogfest!

Hey gang! Bryan, author of the Time Guardian Blog and the Time Guardian Saga series is hosting a blogfest on loglines! Of course, in my fashion, I’m coming to this late and just cutting under the wire, LOL!

So, without further ado, I’m offering versions of my logline (my one sentence hook for DARK PRIDE) for your comments. Truth be told, I’m not officially sold on any of ’em, so I’m really looking for honest, constructive feedback.

  1. When sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone discovers her missing father is still alive, she not only has to follow the clues to find him, but she has to develop her shapeshifting abilities in the process to save both their lives.
  2. When a mentor for all things shapeshifting arrives in the form of handsome and evasive Xavian, sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone must learn how to manage her skills and figure out how to find her father before he’s killed.
  3. Sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone is the only one who knows her father is still alive until hottie Xavian confirms her beliefs—by teaching her how to shapeshift and how she can use her ability to save him.
  4. Shapeshifting into a cat is the furthest thing on sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone’s mind because she needs to save her missing father before his rival kills him and adopts her into the pride.
  5. After sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone’s father goes missing, Nickie is left to navigate the world of feline shapeshifters on her own to save him.

Yeah, so any of these make sense? Are ya drawn in to read more, or just utterly confused?