Hello October!

I can’t believe it’s October. Just can’t. Seems like the years fly by faster and faster, right?


I totally love fall–the leaves changing, the decorations (pumpkins and skeletons and witches, oh my!), and it’s my birthday month! Teehee.

This fall will be a busy one and I’ve got lots of info to share in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’m taking the rest of the week off to finish the third round of edits on SHIFTING PRIDE.

Here’s a pretty pic or two to tide you over. They’re taken by me when I visited a local orchard. 😉

And, in case you missed it, please stop by Friday’s post for A Good Cause and consider donating to St. Jude (my friend, Jen, is running 39.3 MILES in the marathon January 2013!). THANK YOU AND ***HUGS***

See you all next week!