Film Fun: Jupiter Ascending

I hate to say it, but most movie previews I see don’t interest me. I might get to the theater once a month (sometimes more, but mostly less than that). Actually, there were a few years that I barely got to the theater once a year.

Some folks don’t go at all. Seeing a film in the theater can be expensive!

But in some cases, I prefer the theater. You just can’t compare the big screen and sound systems–unless you have a home theater in your house. (I do not.)

Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to Jupiter Ascending for quite some time. (Since last summer, I think!) the film was supposed to be released much earlier, but was postponed for a long time.

I love Scifi, so that makes it a big draw for me. I like Mila Kunis. And I’m dying (pun intended) to find out if Sean Bean’s character survives!

How about you? Yay or nay on Jupiter Ascending?

Jupiter Ascending Trailer