Mental Health Monday–Pleading Insanity

The Oxygen network plays a Snapped marathon every Sunday. I often find myself watching case after case of women “snapping” and killing their parents, husbands, boyfriends, etc and then trying with all their might to get out of any punishment.

Some defense attorneys go for the Insanity Plea as a way to avoid jail time for their clients.

There are two major criteria that someone must meet in order to use insanity as a defense.

  1. You have to suffer from a major mental illness
  2. You have to lack understanding and consequences of the crime you commit (in other words, you don’t know right from wrong at the time you engage in the crime)

Without these two things in place, you can’t successfully plea insanity.

So, when your character is under fire and might stand trial for murder, consider this if you’re gonna try to get them off with the Insanity Plea.

Remember, these posts are for WRITING PURPOSES ONLY and are NOT intended to treat any illness or to be medical (and in this case legal) advice.

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