Flake-out Friday: Lifted

So, I’ve been delving into writing short stories of late. My short story, City of Lights in Stone in the Day of Demons anthology is getting some pretty positive press (I’ve been asked to sign autographs, LOL!) and I’m working on another for an Apocalyptic anthology.

It got me thinking about how different short stories are from novels. And because it’s Flake-out Friday, I have to put a fun spin on the topic…

Pixar shorts are some of the most fabulous, creative, heart-warming, and genius “short stories” out there.

Here’s one of my favorites (link to original HERE):



What’s your favorite Pixar short?

Flake-out Friday: The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Last Thursday, I was in a particularly grumbletastic mood. Poor sleep, max stress, and ludicrous situations all added up to….yuckiness.

Anyway, my co-worker and BFF, Tiffany, cheered me up by showing me the following video. (Warning: there is, um, language here…but if you’re okay with that, then prepare to laugh your patootie off!)

THANK YOU, Tiffany!

Enjoy, dear friends!

Flake-out Friday–Revising!

Ok, since you’ve all been good writers and left your NaNo manuscript in a drawer for a month (you have, haven’t you???), I’m going to focus this month on REVISING TIPS and BETA/CRITTING!

Aren’t y’all exCITed! I know I am!

To kick things off on a humorous note, consider this video, keeping revising in mind. 😉

You can see how setting (playing cops and robbers in the park VS playing cops and robbers in a bank), plot points, character interactions (kissing a loved one VS kissing a stranger)–whatever you choose–can make a big difference!

Erm, grammar can also make a difference.

Ex. Throwing a penny into a fountain to make a wish VS Throwing your cousin Penny into a fountain to make a wish.

Of course, the same words can also have different meanings.

Ex. Playing ball with your grandfather VS playing ball WITH your grandfather (as the ball).

Happy writing!

Flake-out Friday–December

As I surfed Amazon a few days ago, I discovered a YA novel (due out in May 2011) with the title ENDURE.

MY title.


I’d named my YA dystopian ENDURE and now it belongs to someone else. * stomps foot *

What’s a girl to do?

I could come up with another title, I guess, but I really suck at it, LOL!

Man, I wish I could come up with this uber-awesome, totally symbolic, captures-the-entire-book-in-one-word title.

Or maybe I should just use some random word for the title. You know, something that has nothing to do with the book.

Sort of like the song December by Collective Soul.

I like this song, but what the hell does it have to do with December?!?!?!


Flake-Out Friday–How Stephen King Does NaNo

Hi gang! * waves *

Well, 18 days of Nano is down, and there’s 12 to go. How’s everybody’s word counts? I’ve seen some pretty great numbers out there.

Gotta say, though I’m not Nanoing this year, I am having a great time being a cheerleader for you guys and gals!

Anyway, I find it interesting to see how each person approaches a challenge. Here’s how Stephen King does NaNo (he bases his story on life events and, boy, does he make it look easy!):

(This is a cartoon and therefore not true. However, there are some people who will believe anything, so I’m adding this disclaimer.)

Flake-out Friday: Dear God, I’ve Become The Cat Lady…Also, CONTEST WINNERS!!!!

All the stereotypes are true. If you’re a single woman in a big house, you’re going to have cats. Lots of them.

*shakes head*

I never thought it would happen to me. Guess that’s how denial works.

But they’re just SO CUUUUTE! How could I NOT keep them?


Gracie (The Diva Princess)

Callie (upper right) and Lily (lower left) (The Twins)

Mahli (The Boy)


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

*drum roll please*

The winners of last week’s blog tour contestants are:

Lydia K wins Wasteland by Lynn Rush!


Amie Borst wins Monarch by Michelle Davidson Argyle

Post your email and I’ll forward it on to Lynn and Michelle respectively.