Genre Favorites Blogfest

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting his SEVENTH blog fest today and it’s all about–you guessed it–genre favs!

Participating bloggers are asked to share their favorite genres for movies, books, and music.

Gotta say, my tastes are pretty simple.

My favorite movies are action blockbusters (usually with a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, or magical twist)

THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy and the HARRY POTTER series are my ALL TIME favs!

My favorite book genres include paranormal and scifi–either YA or adult. I also enjoy urban fantasy.

My favorite music includes alternative rock (a la Bush, Five Finger Death Punch, Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Pearl Jam, etc), classical, and I LOVE movie soundtracks (LoTR, Harry Potter, Batman (a la Dark Knight), etc).

How about you? What are your fav genres?


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Writer Wednesday–Of Genres

For the most part, I write YA–whether it be paranormal, horror, dystopian–and MG. For short stories, I write adult horror and post-apocalyptic. (Different genres, for sure, but still in a simliar vein, don’t you think?)

Here’s the twist:

My pubber, Etopia Press, has several smexy-type authors who write adult romance, erotica, and BDSM. In getting to know these fab peeps, I’ve also had some exposure to their writing world. (I even wrote a smexy short! *blushes*)

IF, and I say IF, the short has any chance of seeing the light of day, my next task comes in the form of figuring out how it fits the rest of what I write.

I mean, clearly it dosen’t, so, I have to decide if I want to pursue this tangent…or not.

One idea is to use a pen name. Cool. But does that mean I start a whole new “platform” for my “new” self? Or should I still use the pen name and be absolutely open about it, so I can get “two birds with one stone?”

I bring this up not only for advice (cause I don’t want to burden all y’all with that responsibility), but because I bet it’s something a lot of writers face, especially since the boom of epubbing and *gasp* Fifty Shades of Gray. 😉

So, writers, if you you write radically different genres, how do you handle the publicity side of things???

Happy Labor Day!

For the US, today is a holiday for all us laborers. 😉

See y’all on Wednesday when I discuss platform when writing in different genres.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–Genre Crushing

New month means a new topic for the sisterhood members to comment on!

Lydia asks the following fun and fantastic question (whaddya think of that alliteration, huh, huh? 😉 ):

“I have a genre-crush on______”

(In other words, what genre or category of writing you like and wish you could tackle, and why you haven’t.)

I think I’ve naturally gravitate toward paranormal, sci/fi genres, so that’s what comes to me when I develop WiP’s.

BUT, I have a big genre crush on HISTORICAL and CONTEMPORARY novels.

Historical novels are fascinating to me, but why do I shy from writing them? Because I am not research oriented enough to tack down every. single. detail. *shrugs* I’d rather make things up, LOL!

Contemporary novels can be interesting because of their “humanness.” I would find them challenging to write because of the pacing. My writing tends toward the faster pacing and I am working on slowing it down, but I don’t think I could handle contemporary pacing just yet.

There you have it. My genre crushes.

How about you? What genres do you like but are reluctant to write?

Stay tuned for next week when Lydia answers her own question! 😉