Twitter Tips I Learned Over the Weekend

Hi gang!

If you read Monday’s post about my tweeting #MentalHealthMondayWritingTips, you might guess I had to learn some things about Twitter. (Or maybe you didn’t, LOL!)


First, I had to find out if what I wanted to do was even possible!

(Yes, it is, by the way. Or we wouldn’t be here, reading this post, right?)


My first question: Can you schedule tweets?

Answer: YES

My second question: How can you schedule tweets?

Answer: There are at least two options. I went with It’s FREE and you can schedule tweets (with re-occurrences or not). Another option is If, that is, you want to spend $10 a month. (You could get a free account and let hootsuite post “commercials” on your Twitter or Facebook or whatever…at least, that ‘s what happened to me. If someone knows how to get around that, PLEASE tell us!!!)

I offer COMMERCIAL-FREE tweeting and I like FREE, so that’s why I went with 🙂

My third question: Can you register a hashtag?

Answer: YES

My fourth question: How can you register a hashtag?

I’m sure there is more than one way to do this, but I found #twubs and it was very easy to do, so, YAY!!!

I now have a registered hashtag for Mental Health Monday!




My fifth question: What resources have you guys found to schedule tweets and register hashtags?