The Nature of Magic Blogfest Finalists!

Oh my heck, there were a LOT of great entries folks! Gotta say, Tessa and I had a hard time whittling down to the finalists, cuz we liked all of your excerpts! NICE. WORK.

As a reminder, here’s the run down of prizes you could win!

…1st choice: Chapter critique from both of us + $ 10 Amazon Voucher
… 2nd choice: Chapter critique from one of us + $ 10 Amazon Voucher
… 3rd choice: Chapter critique from one of us

Here are the Finalists:

  1. Cloak of Shadows by Raquel ByrnesEdge of Your Seat Romance
  2. Cinderella 2.1 by Morning AJ Jobbing Writer
  3. Cave of Miracles by SarahThe Wit and Wisdom of another Sarah
  4. Canvas by EliseGladiator’s Pen
  5. Eldala (excerpt) by Michelle GregoryBeautiful Chaos
Please VOTE on your favorite (poll in sidebar)! The WINNERS shall be announced on APRIL 3rd (that’s Sunday).

Because there were so many wonderful entries, we’ve also come up with a few Special Mentions
(entries that almost made it into the top 5. If you could fit that many into five spaces, we would have):

Nice job, everyone! Now get voting!!!! 😉