Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–R U Edumacated?

Lydia asks the following question to the Traveling Blog Sisters:

“What formal writing experience do you have? (classes, degrees, major/minors). Did it shape your writing?Have you ever considered getting an MFA?”

My easy answer?

I’m not edumacated in the formal sense…well, I went to medical school, but that doesn’t really count because that’s where we doctors learn how to use abbreviations and develop our wretched handwriting skills. (Am I right, Lydia? Yeah. Admit it. I’m right. * snarf * )

And I took a basic English class in my freshman year of college. But other than that, no I’ve never taken creative writing classes or anything. Nor am I interested in getting an MFA. I’m done with homework. DONE. 😉

Not that I’m against classes and such. I think that classes can be very good, even crucial to a writer’s development.

Tell me, friends, what classes, seminars, etc have you taken to develop your writing skill? What was helpful about it and why?

Stay tuned for next week, when Lydia answers her own question. 😉