Flake-out Friday Brings You (dun-dun-dun): The Truth

So, over the past week, I bought, like a dozen books. YA books to be exact. Some I’ve been wanting to read for over a year, others have just come out and there’s been so much buzz about them, I couldn’t resist.

Two of my purchases were:

Moonglass by Jessi Kirby

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I LOVED both these books, but in totally different ways. Present me with paranormal, fantasy, dystopian whatever, and I’m totally there, no questions asked. So, Divergent was a no-brainer. THEN I started reading it…and couldn’t put it down. I read it in one day. I put off eating meals to get a few more chapters through it. (Anyone who knows me understands the significance of this statement.)

What made Divergent work?

  • Worldbuilding
  • Tension
  • Strong Pace
  • Conflict–within the main character and between characters
  • BIG Stakes

And, there’s something (also awesome) that struck my as INCREDIBLY difficult to pull off:

  • The main character was likeable AND unlikeable. At the same time!!!! (I won’t explain why, cuz I don’t want to spoil it for you. Go read the book. NOW!)

Moonglass is a contemporary work. Not necessarily my thing..listen, I get enough “real life” at my day job, ‘kay? Anywho, it took me a couple chapters to really warm up to it. When I did, I got roped into the main character’s emotional roller coaster so much I read until the wee hours of the morning, powering through it even when my eyes burned like crazy. The author’s talent came through in spades. Not only did I “feel” the emotions (due to a SPOT ON voice), but I also saw, tasted, smelled, and felt the beach, salt water, stormy winds, and summer heat. Jessi certainly shows us how to evoke all the senses!

What does this leave me with? Well, since I’m querying (have I mentioned that already? *gives innocent look*), I keep in mind the quality of the work I’m putting out there. Is it par with the current published novels? Better? Worse?

Personally, I feel my work is competitive. (At least, I’m a hell of a lot more competitive a year plus ago.) This makes me feel good. Like I just have to hit the right agent at the right time with the right story and things will click. This also makes me feel, gulp, jealous. Why aren’t I on the shelves with everybody else, huh? Why not?

Gosh, what’s one to do with such opposing emotions?

Well, I:

  • Read more
  • Write
  • Commisurate with friends
  • Distract myself (the house keeps me busy, LOL!)
  • Keep on hopin’
  • Check in with myself as far as when would be the right time to look into other options

Okay, so I’ve covered a lot in this post. Any thoughts? Reactions? Questions? Comments?


One final note: I’m on vacation next week, so will be taking a break from blogging. See y’all on the flip side! (By “flip side” I mean the last week of June.) 😉