Judge A Book By Its Cover

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As I mentioned on Monday, I entered the cover art for NEW PRIDE and SHIFTING PRIDE in the Houston Bay Area Romance Writers Association’s Judge A Book By Its Cover Contest. JABBIC is a fun way to share cover art and have readers vote on what attracts them to buy a book.

Click HERE to go to the JABBIC website. Click START JUDGING, then select YOUNG ADULT, and rate each book on a scale of 5 to 1, 5 means you’d buy the book based on the cover and 1 means you don’t have interest in the book.

I’d totally appreciate your votes, if you’re so inclined! THANK YOU! 😉

This is a great topic, judging books by their covers.

Humans are fundamentally visual and anybody in the biz knows that there’s some inherent connection between the quality of cover art to the quality of story inside.

Which is why I’m totally IN LOVE with Etopia Press and the cover art Annie Melton developed for NEW PRIDE and SHIFTING PRIDE. The covers fit the stories PERFECTLY. The colors are unified. The font is rugged in a primal, feline way, capturing the werecat/shifter aspect. They also compliment one another–a MUST in a series, IMHO.

Erm, am I tooting my own horn? Sorry. My intention is to share how I see the covers from my perspective. These are things I notice when looking at covers.

How about you guys?

What draws you into a cover? What about covers makes you pick up a book or scroll down to read a book description on Amazon?

NewPride_ByLauraDiamonddraftShiftingPride_ByLauraDiamonddraft cover