Flake-out Friday Book Trailer Tips AND Contest Winner!

Thanks to random.org, the winner of last week’s blogaversary contest is:



Okay, so you know about book trailers, right? A well done book trailer can create as much excitement as a movie trailer. So. Cool. But how does one determine what should go into a book trailer? Well, I think it’s important to first study the greats.

Take this clip for example:

Something is very wrong with the city of CloverPark.

So, what do you think worked in this trailer?

Personally, I think they did a fine job of melding the scary suspense of Cloverfield with the spoofy humor of South Park. In essence, the trailer blends the two “voices” and creates brilliance. 😉

EDIT: Oh dear, I fear I’ve inadvertenly tricked everyone. This is a trailer for a South Park episode…Cloverpark is one of my favorites & I love how they molded the two together. 😉

At the same time, I think it’s a nice illustration/example of how to put together a book trailer.