Book Fair Debriefing

I can’t believe over a week has passed since the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair. As always, I had pre-fair jitters, but those quickly settled once I started chatting with other authors and book people. 

My banner worked out–thanks to Momma! I wouldn’t have figured out how to put it together on the banner stand otherwise.

Julian (the creature on my shoulder; a drabbit) oversaw everything. Thank goodness; he has a sharp eye. 

Some of the highlights included seeing Meryl Day again. We met at the Barnes & Noble Local Author Day in September. Her book, Jordy the Jaguar, is a super sweet picture book about a kitty who gets himself in trouble, just because he’s the “new kid in town.” PS: It’s based on a true story! 😉

Check it out HERE.
My table-mate at the book fair, Susan Andrea Sickles, has an adorable chapter book about the adventures of a rat named Meatball. (Meatball’s a real rat, too, just like Jordy’s a real kitty.)

Check it out HERE.

Last, but certainly not least, I found out just how small a world it is. A friend from med school (also named Laura, ha!) saw my post about the book fair and saw a post from another friend–who was at the same book fair! She told her friend to find me, and she did. Yay! JD Spero has a YA speculative fiction book, Forte, that’s just plain awesome. She also did a reading at Skene Manor & it was in the paper! How cool is that?

Check it out HERE.

For more info on Skene Manor, click HERE.

Super gorg, right?
I definitely enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone–hope to see you all soon! 

Fun Times

Hi all!

How’s fall treating you so far? (Or spring for those of you from the Southern Hemisphere.)

The book signing at Barnes & Noble’s Local Author Day went spectacularly well. Lots of folks showed up, much to my delight! *big squishy hugs*

I got to meet a writer friend whom I’ve known online for years but never met in person. What a nice treat! 

(There are some autographed copies available at Colonie Center’s B&N.)

My birthday was also fab. Got lots of books–YAY! AND I had a lovely time visiting the Adirondacks with Mom. 

Even more exciting is I’ve been working on a couple of writing projects. One is a YA contemporary with dueling POVs (point of views). Lana and Mason’s stories are raw and dark, but their perseverence is striking. And when they meet, sparks fly. The other, still in outline form, is a YA historical fantasy about a female privateer forced to fight the king of France in order to save her family. Work is slow on both projects, but it’s nice to be actively creating worlds and words again.

So what’s next? Well, in a couple of weeks I’ll be heading to Glens Falls for the Chronicle Book Fair. It’s on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2015 from 11am-3pm.

I’ll be selling copies of The Zodiac Collector and Lore (a YA/NA anthology of folklore retellings). 

I’ll also have a fun “game” with prizes, as well as giveaways (limited quantity), and plenty of swag & chocolate. 

(Magic Star Dust) ⬆️

If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you! 

Hopefully my new banner will help you see me (I’ve got a stand for it; fingers crossed I’ll know how to use it, lol!).