BLOG CHAIN–Character Fears

It’s Christine’s turn to pose a question to the blog chain, and boy, oh boy, did she pick a great one!

“What is the main character of you current WiP most afraid of and why? Don’t use a previously finished work. This is all about discovering the inner motivations of your current characters – the ones you don’t know all that well yet.”

Since I’m letting my YA dystopian “rest,” I’ve been working on my middle grade adventure. My MC is dynamic, feisty, prone to asthma attacks, and definitely the boss over her twin sister. (Gosh, it’s really fun to think like a 13 year old again. Never thought I’d really say that, but it’s true…My, my, what a journey this writing thing has been!)

Anne has a lot to fear. Both parents suffer some form of mental illness (my characters have to have something psych going on. I can’t help it, I’m a shrink!). Her sister is fragile in her OCD ways. Her BFF, William, is changing before her eyes (in a good, but kinda scary way). And she’s just woken the Gemini twins, who have a powerful magic she has little control over…all because she wants to celebrate her 13th birthday in style.

All this she can handle, well, so she thinks. It’s not until a witch–upset by Anne’s usurping the cosmic magics she’s collecting–systematically destroys everything Anne cares for. Right down to erasing her sister’s memory from everyone but her. Anne has to fight to get her sister back before the witch claims them both and ends up with the power to control the stars.

Well, that came out more back-of-the-cover-book-blurby than I anticipated. It’s a fine line, describing enough to get my point across while not giving too much away, cuz it’s still a WIP, but I hope the mission is accomplished.

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