Flake-out Friday–Flicking Out

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Today is the day. The day that The Hunger Games debuts in theaters.

There’s been a LOT of marketing to get everybody salivating.

I’m conflicted.

I LOVED the book. LOVED. The. Book.

BUT, I found the premise so disturbing (WHO sends their kids to fight to the death???), I have yet to read the rest of the trilogy. They’ve been sitting on my bookshelf since last summer.

I’m not ready to read on yet.

I’m not sure I’m ready to see the movie.

I have a feeling it’ll be a good one, though.

So, I should just bite the bullet and go see it, right?

BTW, have your learned your Hunger Games name?

Check it out: Hunger Names

I’m Lovage Amberdeen. I was killed in the 6th Hunger Games by loving too deeply. LOL!

 Oh, and I totally want these!!!! Hunger Games Capitol Colours Nail Polish!!!!!!:

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Especially this one (Fire Glitter!!!!!!):

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