Writer Wednesday–The Novella and Novelette

Gotta say, with the new indie wave and access to eformats, it’s been a lot of fun to see authors come out with novellas and novellettes. Honestly, I never really paid attention to the term “Novelette” until Shelli Johannes pubbed her novelette (the first in THE BREATHLESS series, YAY!), SUFFOCATE.

Another great novelette series is THE CREEPY HOLLOW series by Rachel Morgan.

The stories are shorter, so they tend to be quick reads, there’s still enough room for character development (which is less cramped than in short stories), and they can stand alone, or be part of a series.

I can’t wait for more authors to jump on this bandwagon…in fact, I may try it myself! *brainstorms idea*

What do you think? Do you like novellettes and novellas?