Flake-out Friday–This Is What Christmas Is All About

Happy Christmas Eve dear friends!!! For those of you still surfing the interwebz today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite Christmas memories from childhood. Even to this day, I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year.

(And I own the soundtrack–it’s some seriously great music, people, for realz!)

Linus shares what Christmas is all about:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog PLUS Thanksgiving Eve

Welcome to Deb’s debut as a contributor to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog! Check out her response to this month’s question. Then come back here to share in some Thanksgiving Eve fun.


And now for some Thanksgiving Eve fun! Are y’all hungry yet??? Who’s cooking? What’re your favorite side dishes? (It’s stuffing and sweet potatoes all the way for me!)

Clips from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving:

Snoopy and the Lawn Chair

Does your Thanksgiving dinner look like this?

Memorial Day

Hi all!

Since it’s a holiday, I’m taking a break from Mental Health Monday.

I hope the day off (should you be lucky enough to have it) finds you all well. Please take a moment and remember why we celebrate our fallen soldiers.

PS: Anybody goin’ to a parade or havin’ a BBQ?

Flake-out Friday

I’m SO not the type of girl that goes on and on about how FANTASTIC her cat is.

Well, except for today. It’s Flake-out Friday and I’m allowed!

Okay, so, my cat is super-fantastic (like I said). She’s my precious. And she knows it. What’s more, she has the most angelic face, but she’s the most devilish-minded animal on the planet. Everything is a game to her. (Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live that way?) She loves her toys, her kitty tower, her tuna, and yes, the entire home is hers and she lets me co-inhabit it with her.

The BEST thing about her is she’s do damn cute, it’s painful. AND: She has clumps of fur between her toes. It’s so freaking adorable!

Okay, y’all can breathe a sigh of relief. Flake-out is over.

Now, please share what kind of animals y’all have and why they’re super fantastic!

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(This isn’t her foot–she was too shy to be photographed–but this accurately depicts the delishiousness that is her toe fur. Yup.)