Author Life Month–Week One

FB has been all atwitter with #AuthorLifeMonth and I’ve had a blast sharing with all y’all. 

Here’s a run down of the first week:

Day 1: your books

This photo captures all the works I’ve had published since Nov 2012, including short stories and novellas (stand alone and in anthologies) and fill-length novels. Some are no longer available and some will be republished. I’ll be adding a YA contemporary to this list in April!  

Day two: your author photo

For this one, I decided to include my original author photo and my newest one.

Day three: your last 5 star read

There are so many! But I picked Bats of the Republic. A totally unique read.

Day four: your WIP

I included an except from a YA contemporary I’ve been working on about a drug-addicted girl and a religiously preoccupied, abused boy.

Day five: comp covers

I don’thave before and after cover shots, by I do have FAB cover artists, Lisa Amowitz and Danielle Fine.

Day six: fan art

A lovely fan decided to select Jamberrys that matched The Zodiac Collector’s cover. How fun!

Day seven: writing music

I totally had a favorite song that embodied Justin’s plight in Endure (new title coming soon!).

The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars.

Check back next week for more Author Life Month fun! Or, you can catch me on FB & Twitter! 

How about you? Any factoids you’d like to share? 

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