Book Fair Debriefing

I can’t believe over a week has passed since the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair. As always, I had pre-fair jitters, but those quickly settled once I started chatting with other authors and book people. 

My banner worked out–thanks to Momma! I wouldn’t have figured out how to put it together on the banner stand otherwise.

Julian (the creature on my shoulder; a drabbit) oversaw everything. Thank goodness; he has a sharp eye. 

Some of the highlights included seeing Meryl Day again. We met at the Barnes & Noble Local Author Day in September. Her book, Jordy the Jaguar, is a super sweet picture book about a kitty who gets himself in trouble, just because he’s the “new kid in town.” PS: It’s based on a true story! 😉

Check it out HERE.
My table-mate at the book fair, Susan Andrea Sickles, has an adorable chapter book about the adventures of a rat named Meatball. (Meatball’s a real rat, too, just like Jordy’s a real kitty.)

Check it out HERE.

Last, but certainly not least, I found out just how small a world it is. A friend from med school (also named Laura, ha!) saw my post about the book fair and saw a post from another friend–who was at the same book fair! She told her friend to find me, and she did. Yay! JD Spero has a YA speculative fiction book, Forte, that’s just plain awesome. She also did a reading at Skene Manor & it was in the paper! How cool is that?

Check it out HERE.

For more info on Skene Manor, click HERE.

Super gorg, right?
I definitely enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone–hope to see you all soon! 

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