Gramma’s 90th Birthday

I’m late posting this week because I waffled on sharing family photos. Most of are rather private folks, so…yeah. Ahem. So I’ve decided to share some highlights because we’ve been planning Gramma’s surprise party for months, part of which included renovating the dining room (!!!), and how could I not share something??? Plus, the finished product was so nice that I could hardly stand it! 

Anywho, the theme was the roaring twenties. Gramma and her sister wore red feather boas, the ladies wore beaded headbands, & the fellas dressed up in suits and bow ties. Crystal beads were draped on the walls, table, & chandelier, roses adorned the table, and my aunt baked & decorated the most delicious cake!

My gramma can be a bit stoic, so I wasn’t sure if she liked it. (She was gracious, of course, but you know…) Thankfully my aunt told me Gramma talked about the party for the entire trip home, so I’ll call that a success! 



(You can see how thrilled Gramma is, right? ;p) (And yes, that’s me double fisting champagne in mismatched wine glasses, a la chabby chic.) 

PS: Stay tuned for my next blog post where I share some more good news. (I think I’ll need to buy more champagne to celebrate.) 

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