Embrace Change Recklessly

***Warning*** Before embarking on this blog post, be aware several selfies are lurking ahead. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. ;p

I’ve been cleaving to my long hair for years, equating long hair with beauty. Plus, people often gave me compliments, thereby perpetuating the idea.

Furthermore, it was virtually maintenance free for me. All I did was wash and go. No blow drying, no products…no style. lol!

I was okay with that for a looooong time. Too long, like my hair. Recently though, I realized I wasn’t really doing anything with it…except letting it get scraggly on the ends. Yuck. 

My solution to that? Well I tossed my hair back into a messy bun, of course!

Easy peasy!

And boring.

Confession: I’ve long admired pixie cuts. They seem sassy, fun, modern, and retro all at once. I envied the women who could sport them. I never thought I could pull it off.

Now, I’ve made a lot of changes in my lifestyle over the last couple of years that’s allowed me to lose 84 pounds. (Thank you, Weight Watchers!) With the weight loss, I’ve gained some confidence, I’ve embraced my fashionista side (shopping is FUN, gasp!), and I’ve realized my face (which I heretofore considered way too fat and moonlike for a cute haircut) has thinned out quite a bit. (A friend even pointed out my cheekbones; I’m not sure I believe him yet, but don’t tell him, okay? It’ll be our little secret. *wink*)

(Left: before; Right: after)

It occurred to me (finally) that I didn’t need to hang onto a tired, drab style anymore. I could break out of my rut and try something new. 

So I did.

I embraced change with abandon. Instead of trimming or cutting a few inches off, I dove straight into a pixie cut. 

And I love it! 

(Before, obvi.)

(After: SQUEE!)

Here are some extra selfies of the process:

(Bye bye hair!)

(Mid way)

(Over 26 inches waiting for donation. SA-WEET!!!)

How about you? Ever take the scissors to your hair? What to you prefer for yourself–long or short? 

12 comments on “Embrace Change Recklessly

  1. Krista Walsh says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I’m going through the same thinking right now and your new length is what I’m considering!! Looks fab!!

  2. Carol Riggs says:

    WOW, I hadn’t realized how LONG your hair had been! And the new cut looks SO adorable and great on you. Love it! How brave of you. Ha, I bet it’s waaaay easier to wash and comb out now. I had long hair for years, but now it’s more chin/jaw length, and I don’t really miss the length. Good for you!

  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    You look awesome!

  4. You were very brave! And I agree that a shorter cut looks better on a thinner face. Longer hair narrows the face.
    Looks amazing!! Good decision!

  5. Addy Rae says:

    I donated my hair twice, once when I was 18 (2 1/2 feet) and again when I was 25 (2 feet) and played with all sorts of lengths (and colors!) before and after. My shortest was a little over an inch. But I love it long, and I missed it long, so as fun as short hair is, my hair is back to it’s two foot braided state. 🙂

    Thank you for donating! 😀

  6. artemisgrey says:

    MY hair grows so slowly, its just at my butt now, and I’m 34. I trim it regularly, but I would never cut it. My best friend donates hers on a regular basis, but for me, the long hair is important. It’s my spiritual whiskers, aiding my instincts.

    I love yours, though!!! It looks FABULOUS!!! 😀

  7. Misha says:

    Looks gorgeous! Now you need to do a new profile pic so it looks like you do. 😉

    I cut my hair off from hip length to shoulder length once, because my hair had gotten so damaged by coloring and perming that most of it was broken and was going to break off to my shoulders anyway. Since then, I’ve also cut my hair short, but right now, I’m growing it a bit more while I decide to what to do with it.

    What I am doing, however, is letting my hair grow out in its natural color for the first time since fifth grade. (Which says a lot, since I’m now 26.)

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