The Zodiac Collector Has A New Home

So the news has been floating around for a few days now, but I wanted to share with you too, ’cause it seems like a big deal.

When I signed the contract to publish The Zodiac Collector with Spencer Hill Press, a huge item on my bucket list got checked. Now I get to add and check off another item–one I never expected to happen!

Spencer Hill Press has been acquired by Kampmann and Company, in the Beaufort Books imprint. Beaufort pubs fiction and non-fiction and is based in NYC.

Here’s the website, if you’re curious for more deets:

And screenshots of the PW announcement: PW link



How cool is this?!

Congrats to Kate Kaynak, Jessica Porteous (two super fantastic people and incredibly hard workers), and the SHP team! *group hug*


Go SHP!!!!

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