Not sure how a new year has rolled around again, but it has and so has the season of New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not a resolution kind of gal. Seems…restrictive.

Anyhow, there are things I’d like to work on.

The reading room remodel is finally done:


(I’ll be swapping out the rockers for a cushy chair at some point; they’re placeholders for now.)

Now it’s time to redo the dining room. I’m going to trace the freehand painted hydrangeas that are already there (so I can reapply them later), then smooth out the cracked plaster, repaint the room a mossy green (Betsy Ross Moss, to be exact), and add the flowers back in some of the panels. (No problem, right?)

I also have a growing TBR pile of books to tackle. (I’ve been on a reading jag recently and am making a dent, but will be buying more wish list books soon, so there you go.)

And there’s those 5-6 nagging book ideas floating around my brain that I’ve done jack squat on over the last two months. I should do something with them. Or one of them. Honestly, I’ve been waiting to hear back on a couple of folks who have BEAT & have been reluctant to start a new project while BEAT is outstanding. Not the best idea–I’ve essentially sent myself to a sort of purgatory as a result–but I feel stuck nonetheless.

I know I will settle down to write when I’m ready, but I’m not sure when that’ll be. *shrugs*

So that where I’m at in the new year. How about youse guys? What’s happening? Do share please.

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7 comments on “Resolutions…Meh

  1. I hate resolutions, too. Why wait until the start of the year to get off my butt and do something?

    Like today, I made myself clean up the basement and sort through all the stuff that’s getting donated. Mostly done with that project now. That just leaves the WIP… We’ll see how that goes.

    And I say, don’t wait on those new ideas! Write them down. If nothing else, they’ll stop rattling around in your brain. (That’s what I do, anyway, to get the inner voice to shut-up.) Hopefully, you’ll hear something (awesome) soon.

  2. That reading room is gorgeous! I’d be able to tackle my TBR pile a lot quicker with that room, too 🙂

  3. I adore your reading room! It looks peaceful and comfortable, and I bet it has a nice view.

    When I’m on hold with one project, I try to outline another one. Use some of those ideas rattling around up there. 🙂

    I’m finally back to writing, or more accurately, serious editing with a few new scenes thrown in. It’s rather upsetting that the new chapters outshine the old ones, but I’m working on bringing everything up to par.

    Happy New Year, Laura!

  4. Love your reading room! Looks great! I’m into goals that I try to hit throughout the year- with the understanding that life sometimes gets in the way, and that’s okay! (I sound like the rhyming greeters from Monster’s University) =)

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