Berfday Prezzies For All!

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My birthday is this week, so I’m celebrating with all y’all by having some FREE days for my short story, TSAVO PRIDE. That’s right, Tsavo Pride can be yours for FREE. The promo runs from October 14 to October 16th.


Tsavo Pride is a spin-off short story about the lions of Tsavo. In my story, these man-eating lions are shapeshifters, fighting for their land.

I hope you enjoy!!

Download on Amazon

Don’t have a Kindle? You don’t need one! Just download the free Kindle app and enjoy this quick read. Here’s the link.


Tsavo Pride4



Rogue shapeshifters, Santamo and Legeny, believe they are kings blessed with the power to shift into lions. Using that strength, they brutally defend their land from the British building the Ugandan Railroad that threatens their way of life. On a particularly ruthless raid, Santamo meets his match—Naserian. He spares the girl’s life, a move that fractures his relationship with Legeny and blurs his visions of cleansing his territory of invaders.

While the pile of bones in Santamo and Legeny’s cave grows, so does Santamo’s attraction to Naserian. When she challenges him to give up his murderous ways, will Santamo stay on the path of death he believes is his duty, or will he choose Naserian, and love?

2 comments on “Berfday Prezzies For All!

  1. Vicki Tremper says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was awesome!

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