Flake-out Friday–Sit on it

For those of you who are Star Trek The Next Generation fans, you may have noticed how Commander Riker sits…or maybe you haven’t. I gotta admit, I haven’t watched a lot of the TV episodes, though have seen the movies and never really paid attention. When I saw this clip posted on someone’s Facebook wall, I definitely chuckled. How had I not picked that up before?


So, have you noticed this? Ever try it?

What’s the most awesomest way someone has sat down?

2 comments on “Flake-out Friday–Sit on it

  1. He’s a big man. I’d never noticed it before either. My favorite character is still Data.

  2. J E Fritz says:

    I didn’t notice until I saw that, too. Now I have to get the DVDs from my mom so I can watch for every instance of this and marvel that I’ve never noticed.

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