First, a follow up on last week’s Poison post. Friends of Bridget Zinn have asked authors to join in on the poisonbook.tumblr site to share their poison and I’m sharing my poison today. There’s a lot of great entries!

Now, onto the NEWS.

Guys. GUYS. I’ve been bursting at the proverbial seams in waiting to share the news.

Are you ready?

*drum roll please *

In January, I submitted my YA dystopian, ENDURE, to my editor, Rhiannon, at Etopia Press. A few short weeks later, she replied with…

An offer to publish it!


There’s so much story to tell in ENDURE, that it will be published in TWO BOOKS!

That’s right.

ENDURE will be book one and EVOKE with be book two.


I’ve already been slicing and dicing, dividing the manuscript into bits and bandaging it with new plot lines and action.

Looking forward to finally getting to share this story with you guys.

I’ve got some (unedited) blurbs for both…

ENDURE (Endure Book One):

For decades, immortal Vie have rabidly hunted Anemies like seventeen-year-old Justin and his sister. Their blood is a drug—and a scourge. Justin’s blood causes the Vie to age, a powerful threat, and yet a priceless hope for the Earth’s downtrodden humans.

When Justin’s sister is kidnapped by the Vie, he vows to rescue her. He strikes a deal with the human resistance, but they’re nothing but a cult with delusions that a messianic Anemie will free them all.

In a race to find his sister before she dies, Justin learns that not all Vie are evil, and not all humans are good. Trapped with choosing between saving what’s left of humanity and saving his sister, Justin can’t decide which option is going to get him killed first.

EVOKE (Endure Book Two):

Seventeen-year-old Justin has escaped the long reach of the immortal Vie, Nathan Abarron. Along with a freed human slave, Cara, he now faces the wilds outside the city wall. Dotted with pockets of unfriendly and paranoid Anemie communities, the wilds are just as dangerous as the city.

When Cara gets injured, Justin must search for the very group he wants to avoid. Lucky for him, an ally of his father recognizes him and guides him through the tenuous ropes of forest-dwelling Anemie society.

The fragile relationship shatters when Justin’s secret gets out—his blood can age Vie. It’s the weapon that all Anemies have been waiting for and the Anemie leader plans to use every last drop.

13 comments on “ENDURE LIVES!

  1. Woo hoo!!!! Congratulations!!!! Wonderful news!! Endure and Evoke sound so exciting!!!

  2. salarsen says:

    SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEEEEEZE!!! So happy for you. You totally deserve this!! WAY to go!!

  3. Jen Naumann says:

    Congratulations, Laura! That is so awesome! I’m doing a happy dance for you. Hope you did something fun to celebrate!

  4. Karen Lange says:

    Congratulations Laura! Wishing you all the best!

  5. Linda Gray says:

    Many congratulations! What a great feeling it is for me to read this, so it must be BEYOND great for you. Fantastic.

  6. Wonderful news, Laura!

  7. Cate says:


  8. Akoss says:

    You are on a roll!!! Congratulations! 🙂

  9. J E Fritz says:

    This is great news! Congratulations. They sound awesome.

  10. Vicki Tremper says:

    Congrats, Laura! My nephew will be very excited to finally read this in print.

  11. lbdiamond says:

    Thanks, everyone! *group hug*

  12. Congrats Laura! That’s fantastic!

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