Janiera Eldridge Reveals the Cover of GOOD GHOST GONE BAD

Author Janiera Eldridge has come up with a scary tale and today, I get to help share in the cover reveal event! Congrats, Janiera, and best of luck!

Here’s the info:

Title: Good Ghost Gone Bad

Author: Janiera Eldridge (Check out her other books on Amazon)

Synopsis: Brianna Moreno was an average 22 year old women who loved shopping, hanging out with her friends and making more career plans….until the night she was brutally and unexpectedly murdered.

Now she finds herself trapped in the ghost world while residing on earth. The problem is, her killer can see all of his ghostly victims and enjoys taunting them as much as he does killing them.Brianna soon finds out that her killer has horrible new plans concerning her family.

Brianna meets up with a few of her killers past victims to hatch a plan so terrifying, the entire town will never be the same again.

Brianna is a good ghost gone bad, the good girl side is gone forever!

*This book is not a YA read. 18+ only for sex, strong language and strong violence.


Add it to your TBR list: Goodreads 

Cover Artist: Janiera Eldridge


9 comments on “Janiera Eldridge Reveals the Cover of GOOD GHOST GONE BAD

  1. salarsen says:

    ‘K, now it would totally suck to be murdered, but then to have your murderer be able to see you as a ghost… I’m thinking this character really needs some justice.

  2. A lot of cool cover reveals today!

  3. I’m definitely adding this one to my Goodreads list. It sounds deliciously evil. Love the cover as well!

  4. Linda Gray says:

    That cover gave me chills, and I love the tag line. 🙂

  5. The premise is scary. The cover is scary. I love being scared.

  6. Laura Eno says:

    I like! Great cover and premise. It’s now on my *toppling* TBR list! 😀

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    That is a freaky cover! I’ve never seen a cover at those dimensions before. Interesting.

  8. Cheree says:

    Ooh, I love scary stories, and this one looks scary 😀

  9. Misha says:

    Sounds like an intriguing story. 😀

    BTW, Laura, your profile doesn’t link to your blog any more. It goes to google+, but you never added your blog addresses. Just thought you might want to know.

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