Shifting Pride Blog Tour Quick Recap

Hey gang! Just wanted to post a recap of the entire blog tour thus far…

(The final four posts begin this Wednesday. Gosh, can’t believe it’s almost over!)

Shifting Pride is featured on Addicted to! You’ll also see it on the sidebar and on their Facebook page. Give ’em a like!

I’ve also added Shifting Pride and New Pride (the prequel novelette) to It’s a great website where you enter search criteria for a type of book you’d like to read and it’ll give you a list of suggestions–how cool is that?!

AND I’ve added Shifting Pride and New Pride to Ask David–I hear it’s good exposure, so I’m giving it a go. (Not sure if that one’s live yet, tho.)

Amazon purchase page

Barnes & Noble purchase page

Fill out the form on the fan page of my website for a chance to win my prequel novelette, New Pride! Winners will be announced after the New Year! 🙂

12/3: Devoted Mommy of 3. (review)

12/4: NewsBlaze (review)

12/5: Because My Momma Says So (excerpt)

12/6: Beauty Brite (review)

12/7: Rhonda Laurel @ the Artist’s Studio (interview and excerpt)

12/8: Michael Offutt Speculative Fiction Author (interview)

12/10: Musings of a Bookworm (review)

12/11: Dani Sue Dreams (review)

12/12: Fairytale Reviews (review)

12/13: The Novice Christian (review)

12/14: Speedy Reader-All Things Books (interview)

12/15 Reading Between the Wines Book Club (excerpt and giveaway)

12/17: Stressed Rach (review)

12/18: Cozie Corner (review)

12/19: Identity Discovery (review)

12/20: Optimistic Mommy (review)

12/21: Crafty Mom of 3 (review)

12/22: Book Crazy Reviews (excerpt)

12/26: The Book Life (review and excerpt)

12/27: Colin F. Barnes (excerpt)

12/28: The Wormhole (interview and review)

12/29: Cate Peace (review)

Here’s the official book trailer of Shifting Pride, made by the lovely Theresa McClinton.

Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas to all who are celebrating! 🙂

4 comments on “Shifting Pride Blog Tour Quick Recap

  1. Shelly says:

    Hey- that looks great- I will mosey on over there to sign up. The merriest of Christmases to you!

  2. Hope it’s been a big success! Bet sales will really kick in on Christmas Day when everyone unwraps an eReader or iPad.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Laura!

  3. Leigh Moore says:

    wow! You have done an amazing job w/the book! Here’s hoping you have much success. And that Bookmatchers is cool! Added mine there, too–what a great resource! Thanks, and Merry Christmas! ❤

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