Flake-out Friday–Upheaval

Hey gang!

I wanted to direct you to the lovely February Grace’s blog, where she’s hosting me for an interview today. THANK YOU, February, for having me!

If you check it out, you may get to see a snippet of NEW PRIDE’s cover!!!!! 😉

And do check out Bru’s FABulous novel GODSPEED. Did I mention it’s fabulous? ‘Cause it is! (I adore how February combined steampunk, romance, and victorian-esque historical elements into a rich, engaging plot.)

Hey, as a special bonus, I’ll GIVE AWAY an electronic copy of GODSPEED to one lucky commenter on today’s post!


For today’s post, I wanted to comment on the ups and downs of publishing. Gosh, can they be drastic or what?

Just last week, I went from losing a publishing deal (the press that was going to pub ENDURE shut down), to hearing that a publisher wanted to talk on the phone about my middle grade adventure ZODIAC COLLECTOR! (Fingers crossed!)


What kinds of ups and downs have you guys faced?


Psst, in case you missed Wednesday’s post, I’m gathering peeps for a Release Day Blitz for my novelette NEW PRIDE. Please refer there to see how to help, if you’re so inclined. THANK YOU!!!

12 comments on “Flake-out Friday–Upheaval

  1. Thank you so much for visiting me today, Laura, it is so much fun to be hosting you and the sneak preview of the cover of NEW PRIDE!

    I am sorry to hear about the publisher for ENDURE, hopefully you will find another home for it AND the new prospect for ZODIAC COLLECTOR will work out too! Fingers crossed!

    Wishing you every possible success with your release next week! And thank you so much for your kind words about my book.


  2. roguemutt says:

    Yeah when it rains it pours sometimes. Last year I hadn’t ever signed a contract and this year I’ve signed two.

    Good luck with your Zodiac Collector book!

  3. Linda Gray says:

    I’m headed over to February Grace’s blog to read the interview right now . . . :))

  4. Arlee Bird says:

    Best wishes for whatever may come your way. I’m sure it will turn out fine. Visited Bru’s interview then remembered that she no longer enables comments. Too bad–I think she’s kind of missing out on some feedback.

  5. I love the name “February Grace.” That’s just cool. I wonder if it is a pseudynym.

    The ups and downs of publishing? Hmm. Yeah that pretty much describes it. I think the up part is finally getting one. The down part is everything else.

  6. E.Arroyo says:

    So sorry about Endure. I’m sure you’ll find another publisher. =)

  7. Hugs on the demise of ENDURE’s publisher.

    Wishing you magnificent success with ZODIAC COLLECTOR!!!

  8. Catherine Johnson says:

    I love that green, your new cover is gorgeous!

  9. Donna Hole says:

    Hmm; got the acceptance e-mail, signed the contract, been waiting 3 months for the requested edits. I’m wondering if the publication changed its mind 😦

    Wow, you must have been crushed when the publisher closed down. No a good sign. I’ll read the post at Bru’s site tomorrow (well today, but much later.)


  10. I tagged you in my blog post The Next Big Thing.

  11. Regina says:

    Sorry to hear about the other publishing deal, but glad to hear that something positive may come out of it. My fingers are crossed for you too. Best wishes. It is great to hear that you are doing well.

  12. That’s quite the roller coaster ride you’ve been on, Laura.

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