Flake-out Friday–It’s a WEBSITE!

Hey gang!

OMGosh, I’m super stoked to share my website with you. If you’ve been following my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, you may have noticed me dancing around the subject of: To Website Or Not To Website.

With the help of my publicists (cuz I’m a technotard and they are graphics, net, computer, everything savvy), we’ve compiled ideas and images and developed the following site.

Please take a look and lemme know what you think!

Annnd, I may need help getting my blog to match–if you’ve got any ideas, hit me with them! THERE WILL BE A PRIZE (like a book of your choice) FOR THE PERSON WHO COMES UP WITH AN IDEA THAT STRIKES MY FANCY!

Click here for my author website.


13 comments on “Flake-out Friday–It’s a WEBSITE!

  1. Sarah Fine says:

    I struggled with whether or not to do a website, but my agent said I needed to! I suppose it’s good to have a landing page, right? Congratulations on taking the leap, Laura. I’d offer you ideas to help your blog match, but I am the least visual person ever, so you really wouldn’t want them anyway.

  2. Ciara Knight says:

    I love your new site! Congratulations!! This is so exciting.

  3. The new site looks good! Easy to navigate. Always a plus.

  4. roguemutt says:

    I just bought a domain name from Blogger for mine. It’s a lot less maintenance that way. Like I said on someone else’s website, it’s like buying a house vs. renting an apartment. I rent because I’m lazy and cheap.

  5. Karen Lange says:

    Congrats on the site! It looks great! 🙂

  6. Very pretty website!

    What I’d do to get the blog to match is a solid black background and off-white text, just like you have in the website. Maybe you can pull the colors from the header for links (the orange and yellow – red will be too hard to see on the black). And if you embed your blog into your website you don’t even have to worry about a header image on your blog, since the header image for the website will already be there.

  7. earroyo5 says:

    I love the banner. I agree with the others with trying to get your blog and website to match with your color choices. Looks really nice.

  8. Your new site looks great!

  9. Talli Roland says:

    Ooh! It’s lovely! Congrats.

  10. Congrats Laura. Looking good!

  11. Akoss says:

    I’m loving what I’m seeing and it’s nice to see you and hear your voice on the video. 🙂

  12. aparnanairphotography says:


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