Writing Wednesday–Website, Anyone?

I’ve been debating (with myself…always fruitful…NOT) over whether or not to develop a website.

Several questions flooded me as I pondered the pros and cons.

What kind of site do I want?
How do I get a domain name?
Which host site do I use?
Is my blog enough?
How much do I want to spend?

Welp, I’ve been working with a publicist and part of what we are working on is developing a website. (Made my decision easy.) Woot!

THEY know how to set one up.
THEY know how to find low cost, high quality stuff.
THEY got my domain name.
THEY know how to do ALL THE THINGS!

Double woot!

I’m super stoked to see a mockup they’ve developed. Hopefully, we’ll be going live with the site in the coming weeks.

Tell me, dear friends, what do you think about websites? What are the pros and cons? Do you have one? Did you have help setting it up or did you DIY it?

12 comments on “Writing Wednesday–Website, Anyone?

  1. I would need help, I can just use WordPress 🙂 It’s exciting though, I look forward to seeing yours!

  2. Karen Lange says:

    I think a website is a good idea. I used a free DIY site until recently when they discontinued their services. I’m actually glad about this, I didn’t really care for their format and this will prompt me to get another one. My son is a graphic designer for a web design company, so he is going to help me navigate these waters. My goal is something professional and affordable, with the option for me to be able to make occasional minor content changes. Looking forward to seeing your site!

  3. Lynn Rush says:

    I totally had help setting mine up. It was a fun and daunting process, but I’m glad I went through it. I like having a site I can change up and maintain. It’s just the setting up stuff I didn’t know how to do. 🙂

  4. Jessica Burde says:

    The big advantage of a website, IMO, is that it is yours. A WordPress blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page etc, all are under the control of the hosting company and can be shut down if the company fails, changes their terms of use or any dozen other things happen. With a website and domain name of your own, you are set. It belongs to you and can’t be taken away.

    If you want you can set up a website, download wordpress.org, and use it just like a regular wordpress blog, but one that belongs to you.

    I’m using WordPress hosting for now because I can’t afford a domain name and hosting fees at the moment. In a few months I’ll be adding a unique domain name to my wordpress blog, then in a year or so taking that domain name to a hosting site and setting up on my own. That way I don’t need to worry about losing my readers in the move.

  5. Linda Gray says:

    I just went through this (with help) for the Seattle Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association (wnba-seattlechapter.org). We set up our site through WordPress, so we are doing what Jessica Burde suggests in her comment above. It works beautifully, and once you’ve learned the innards of the format program (not too hard, just takes focus for a while), you can manage all your own posts and pages easily. I highly recommend working with an administrator, though, at least until you’re totally comfortable!
    (p.s. thanks so much for the previous post, Laura. Many of the answers were wonderfully useful. I thought when Lenny talked about how different everyone is and that knowing your character is the key to knowing how they’ll cope, he hit a home run)

  6. E.Arroyo says:

    I got a website because I didn’t use my name on my blog so my published name is nowhere in cyberspace. But I love it. I can be found and it wasn’t that difficult or expensive to get one. Though I got a very basic deal. For now, it works.

    Can’t wait to see yours. Mine is http://www.elizabetharroyo.com

  7. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wow that’s awesome. I’ve been wondering the same myself. I almost went with GoDaddy but they can sell your personal details on apparently so not keen on that. Any inside info appreciated 🙂

  8. If you have the financial resources and the savvy to make a kickass one with flash, I say go that route. Sexy is “in” and you deserve the sexiest of websites. If they’re gonna do one that looks like what anyone can throw together on blogger, say “Pass”. Wait for one that says, “le awesome.”

  9. roguemutt says:

    I learned HTML back in the 90s so I can do some programming on my own but nowadays it’s so complicated to have a great one with the Flash and Java and all that nonsense, so I just bought the domain name for my blog through Blogger and that’s good enough. I mean what all fancy stuff do I need it to do?

  10. Stephanie says:

    I have a site. It’s my blogger blog hosted on my own domain. I’ve DIY-ed it pretty much. I had to use the help forums to get it set up on my domain but after that it’s been pretty much easy. I’m proud of myself, though. I just set up an email account that’s my domain name. So, yeah. I’m feeling official. But it’s nowhere near as good as some other sites out there that I know are DIY-ed. I just don’t have the patience to decipher code speak to figure out how to do something.

  11. Lydia K says:

    Thank goodness your publicist is helping you out with that! It took a while for me to sort through finding someone, and what I wanted on it, etc. But worth it in the end to have a quality site you really like!

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