Twitter Tips I Learned Over the Weekend

Hi gang!

If you read Monday’s post about my tweeting #MentalHealthMondayWritingTips, you might guess I had to learn some things about Twitter. (Or maybe you didn’t, LOL!)


First, I had to find out if what I wanted to do was even possible!

(Yes, it is, by the way. Or we wouldn’t be here, reading this post, right?)


My first question: Can you schedule tweets?

Answer: YES

My second question: How can you schedule tweets?

Answer: There are at least two options. I went with It’s FREE and you can schedule tweets (with re-occurrences or not). Another option is If, that is, you want to spend $10 a month. (You could get a free account and let hootsuite post “commercials” on your Twitter or Facebook or whatever…at least, that ‘s what happened to me. If someone knows how to get around that, PLEASE tell us!!!)

I offer COMMERCIAL-FREE tweeting and I like FREE, so that’s why I went with 🙂

My third question: Can you register a hashtag?

Answer: YES

My fourth question: How can you register a hashtag?

I’m sure there is more than one way to do this, but I found #twubs and it was very easy to do, so, YAY!!!

I now have a registered hashtag for Mental Health Monday!




My fifth question: What resources have you guys found to schedule tweets and register hashtags?


9 comments on “Twitter Tips I Learned Over the Weekend

  1. roguemutt says:

    Offutt mentioned something called Triberr the other day. You might want to look into that. The problem is that when all these authors schedule Tweets no one is actually reading any of these Tweets; it’s just a bunch of computers talking to themselves. Makes the whole thing rather pointless. Though really you should schedule some of your apropos of nothing Tweets that make no sense. *FLAILS*

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  3. Linda Gray says:

    Interesting! I just set up a new Twitter account for the Seattle Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association yesterday, and am trying to get a bit more familiar with the innards of Twitter’s operations. (I use it differently on my personal account) Thanks for this. 🙂

  4. Learning more everyday!

  5. E.Arroyo says:

    That’s great. I use hootsuite. It’s free and I usually schedule notices but still stalk, I mean use, twitter during the day for more random stuff. =)

  6. jocelynrish says:

    For scheduling tweets, I use TweetDeck on my computer and HootSuite on my ipad – I haven’t noticed HootSuite posting ads, but maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention. 😦

    I didn’t know you could register a hashtag – I created one I use everyday, so I should look into that – thanks!

  7. I was invited to join two tribes on Triberr, so my Tweets are retweeted throughout the day by other members of my tribes. (And I send out theirs. It’s rather cool.) I don’t use hashtags much and probably should. The one thing I’ve learned is don’t send out a bunch of buy-my-book Tweets. I don’t think I’ve sent out a single one!

  8. Akoss says:

    I didn’t know any of this was possible. Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂

  9. I once used hoot suite to schedule tweets, but I don’t any more. I use Triberr. Everyone tweets your posts, so it gets out to more eyes. That’s the point of Triberr.

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